Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Flying down the luge

We where learning to write one moment in time

Flying Down the Luge

I was exhausted as I flew
threw the tunnel on the luge
and came out the other side of it.

All around there is snow.
All I can see is snow it's like a
sheet of white.I look down at my legs there
covered in snow some of it
already melting. Snow is
blowing against my eyes I can’t look at the
concrete road.

I am as cold as a peguen. My hands
are turning blue im shaking so bad I can
barely hold the handlebars.
I can’t feel my hands.
I can taste the freezing snow
somehow it blew into my mouth
that I can’t remember opening.
My arms actually hurt.

As I went around the corner
and flew over the finish line
I went to a speeding stop.

The Luge

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